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At Northcentral Technical College (NTC), we fulfill dreams on a daily basis. With convenient campus locations in Antigo, Medford, Phillips, Spencer, Wausau and Wittenberg, as well as a Public Safety Center of Excellence in Merrill, Apprenticeship Center of Excellence in Wausau, Agriculture Center of Excellence in Maine and a Wood Technology Center of Excellence in Antigo, every day we bring students one step closer to making their dreams a reality. Whether you are pursuing one of our 150+ associate degree, technical diploma, or short-term certificate programs, or are simply taking a course to give you that competitive edge, a brighter future awaits you. Our students are changing the future every moment. Join them down the road to success.

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Northcentral Technical College: Building futures one community, one workplace, one learner at a time.



Northcentral Technical College is the customer-focused, accessible provider of innovative life-long learning that builds a globally competitive workforce.



Northcentral Technical College:

  1. Communities have the capability to foster economic growth.
  2. Workplaces have an available and skilled workforce.
  3. Learners have the knowledge and skills necessary to explore, maintain or advance in employment or higher education


These are guiding principles or values that are inherent in the institution.

Learner Focus
We believe in an educational environment that exceeds learner expectations and helps them reach their unique potential.

Continuous Learning
We believe in a learning organization comprised of individuals who are competent, forward thinking, accountable, caring and collaborative.

We believe in innovation of learning and services through creativity and forward thinking.

We believe in access for all learners through geographic, financial, service, and learning delivery alternatives.

Service to Community
We believe in service to our communities to meet their economic and educational needs.

We believe in diversity of thought, culture, opinion, economic status, age, gender and physical capabilities.

Culture of Professionalism
We believe in a culture that exudes professionalism, treating internal and external customers with integrity and respect.



The College achieves growth through innovation, flexibility, access, and the strategic analysis and marketing of competitive and environmental information.

The College implements new products or services to meet current and future stakeholder needs.

Strategic Partnerships
The College becomes the preferred strategic partner of area businesses and industries, K-12 districts, local communities, entrepreneurs and other institutions of higher education to support learning and economic development, establishing NTC as an educational leader.

Organizational Development
The College encourages and supports professional growth and team development throughout the organization.

Continuous Quality Improvement
The College develops innovative ways to continually improve learning, support systems, and processes, and the responsible use of natural resources that enhance organizational effectiveness and demonstrates sustainability.

Fiscal Strength
The College prudently manages and strengthens its financial resources in order to thrive in a complex and changing environment.

Student Success
The College promotes student retention, degree completion, career and job placement and engages a diverse student population through its programs, support services, and campus settings.


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