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2013-14 Student Catalog

 2014-2015 Student Catalog

Whether you are looking to advance in your current career, or are reaching for a new and exciting job of tomorrow, NTC offers over 150 associate degree, technical diploma and certificates that can help you take your first step, or next step, in higher education.

Virtual College Handbook

Virtual College Student Handbook

At NTC, we are committed to offering you a customized academic experience. After all, education shouldn’t fit in a box. It should fit YOUR life. That’s why NTC’s Virtual College is so unique. Through flexible starts and dedicated advising, Virtual College makes attaining higher education an option for all.

employment report

Graduate Employment Report

The NTC graduate employment report  gives the average hourly wage and other valuable information of those graduates responding.


Budget Publication

Budget & Planning 2014-15 Budget

Linking NTC Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation


student handbook
Student Handbook and Planner

In this handbook, you will find information that will make your experience at NTC enjoyable and rewarding.

K16 Annual Report

K16 Annual Report

This report highlights current collaborative partnerships between K-12, NTC, and our four-year college articulation partners. Through these collaborations, we are expanding educational options for local students by creating a seamless transition from high school to NTC to bachelor’s degree and beyond.
Parent Viewbook

Parent Viewbook

Great information for parents of students interested in attending NTC.
Career Coaches Viewbook

Career Coach Viewbook

Great information for high school students interested in attending NTC.
future makers booklet

We Are Futuremakers

Wisconsin's technical colleges have the brightest minds and shiniest futures of anyplace, anywhere. And where do you fit in? Wherever you want. Sixteen colleges wait to guide you. A few of our 300 smart, seriously paycheckin' career options wait to be explored. So come on, Futuremaker. Catch up to your destiny.

Annual Financial Report 2013

2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.


Annual Report

2010-2012 Report

Through out this publication you will see what can be accomplished through partnership, collaboration and a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of north central Wisconsin.



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