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Accounting Associate Degree

accountingStudents will learn to maintain accounting systems, analyze business records, and prepare financial reports such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements. The program covers general accounting, microcomputers, tax accounting, cost accounting, auditing and other specialized areas.


Business Management Associate Degree

business managementThe Business Management Associate Degree program is intended to provide learners with general business acumen. Students will study accounting, management, leadership, business law, human resource management, communication, and other topics to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully manage and lead in today’s ever-changing global economy.


Human Services - Academic Associate Degree

human serviceIn this degree, the traditional instruction of a technical college, which provides a strong foundation for applied learning, blends those studies with additional coursework that will help prepare the student to progress beyond the associate degree toward additional academic training. The flexibility of this program provides the basis for student transfer to another college to complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree, while others may enter the work force right away.


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Marketing Associate Degree

marketingMarketing is essential to the success of every business--whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, product or service-oriented. As a graduate of the Northcentral Technical College Marketing program you will have the skills to succeed in many business occupations in industrial, wholesale, retail and service areas. In the Marketing program, specific areas of study include: quality customer service to satisfy customer needs, identify, research and analyze target markets, E-business and e-commerce marketing, and presentation skills, advanced sales skills, both in retail and business-to-business, promotions, including advertising, public relations and media selection.

Potential occupations include: Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Office Manager/Business Manager, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Research Assistant, Sales Merchandiser, Retail Manager, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Inside and Field Sales Representatives, Public Relations and Advertising Assistant.


Small Business Entrepreneurship Associate Degree

service learningThe Small Business Entrepreneurship program is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to become more successful and help potential small business owners and entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. The program will cover the basic business skills such as accounting, managing, and marketing while focusing on those skills needed to build and grow a small business.



Supervisory Management Associate Degree

supervisory managementThe Supervisory Management program is intended to train and upgrade supervisors, managers, and aspiring supervisors and managers. The program is also beneficial to lead persons and labor union officials.

Throughout the program, the student will develop skills in human relations, motivation, leadership, delegation, labor relations, problem solving, decision-making, communication, stress management, training, time management, business ethics, and computer skills.

The semester sequence shown below under Curriculum is an example only. Supervisory Management students are free to take courses at a pace, and in an order that best meets their learning needs and schedules. Potential occupations include: Manager, Supervisor, Lead Person.


Video Production Associate Degree

videoThe Video Production Associate Degree provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment, concepts, and techniques needed to design, produce, and edit effective professional video products and introduces the primary tools needed for the creation of 2D and 3D animation projects.

Specific areas covered in the program include pre-production processes: story development, scripting, storyboarding, scheduling and budgeting; production techniques: camera operation, lighting, interviewing, audio recording; and post-production workflow: capturing, editing, motion-graphics, sound design, rendering, outputting, and publishing. The program focuses on providing students with the hands-on technical skills necessary to create professional video products and to work in a variety of audio-visual media production and post-production capacities.

Potential occupations include: Video Producer, Documentary filmmaker, Video Editor, Sound Recordist, Post-Production Supervisor, Freelance Videographer, Camera Operator, Radio-Television Operator, Production Assistant, Motion Graphics Designer, Animator, Creative Director, Video Archivist, Media Manager, Video Technician.


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