Technology Resources

This site will guide you through getting your iPad setup so you can take full advantage of it while attending Northcentral Technical College's Virtual College.

  • Initial Startup Walkthrough: This will walk you through the choices you will have to make when first powering on your iPad.
  • iPad Basic Tutorials: If you are looking for how to do something specific or just want to learn more click on this link and select the topic you'd like to learn more about!
  • Email & Calendar on iPad: This will show you how to access your Student Email and Calendar right on your iPad! This will be very helpful when staying on top of your Virtual College Courses.
  • Blackboard Mobile: This app will allow you to access Blackboard on your iPad in a much better format then done through the safari browser.
  • NTC Apps: This page lists a handful of apps we highly recommend you download as they can help you better utilize your iPad for Virtual College.


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