Build Your Own Degree


Individual Technical Studies Degree allows you to build your own degree!

Individualized Technical Studies Program offers students the opportunity to obtain skills and knowledge offered at Northcentral Technical College, meet the needs of their career goals, and meet the needs of business and industry. With the growth of employment opportunities in small to mid-sized firms, employees are taking on multiple tasks and roles that cut across traditional occupational categories. As jobs change and new occupations emerge, workers need skills and knowledge drawn from a variety of disciplines to be productive and successful in today’s workplace.
This specialized program of study combines the skills taught in two or more existing NTC programs, and is designed in cooperation with an occupational mentor from the target industry. Students achieve their career goals by acquiring skills and knowledge in an associate degree program tailored to their specific employment needs.

Getting Started Individual Technical Studies Degree

  1. Print the Individualized Technical Studies Guide (pages 4-13 of this document).
  2. Complete the forms including: Self Assessment (page 5), Statement of Need (page 6-7), Career Outcome Statement (page 10) and Program Plan (pages 11-13).
  3. Contact an NTC Career Coach at 715.803.1029 to schedule an appointment to discuss and review the Program Plan documents.
  4. Finalize the Program Plan documents and turn them into Admissions for approval.


Communication 6 credits
Social Science

3 credits

Behavioral Science 3 credits
Math/Science 3 credits
Additional General Studies (from any category) 6 credits
Total Credits of General Studies 21 credits

Individualized Technical Studies core
  Program Emphasis - can come from more than one area


  Total Credits of Technical Studies


39 credits
(with a minimum of 20 credits from one area)

39 credits

Total Credits Necessary for Graduation 60 credits
Financial Aid: Yes


  • Flexible Learning Options