Disability Services (DS) Guidelines for

Accessible Classroom Material Accommodations

Documentation was submitted and approved

  • I submitted proper documentation and have a Student Accommodation Plan on file with NTC's Disability Services (DS).
  • I was approved to receive Accessible Classroom Material, which may consist of Powerpoints, Instructor Notes, Class Recordings, Captioned Video/Video Transcripts or another method more suited to my disability.

Requests should be submitted 4 weeks in advance

  • I understand it is my responsibility to submit an "Accessible Classroom Material" request form at least 4 weeks prior to class start date, to allow the instructor ample time to have material prepared in an accessible format.

Student Responsibility

  • I am required to attend class in order to receive this accommodation.  If I do not show up consistently for class, leave early, or miss an excessive number of classes, this accommodation may be suspended.
  • The Accessible Classroom Material I'm receiving is for my own educational purposes and will NOT be shared with other students under any circumstances.
  • If I drop a class I will notify DS immediately.
  • I am responsible for the success of the course/s I'm taking.  This accommodation is an additional tool to help me succeed.


  • If there are any problems with this accommodation, or if I have any questions, comments or concerns, I will contact the DS staff at 715-803-1469 or email DS@ntc.edu.

Proof of Understanding

Please answer the following 5 statements correctly to proceed.
Proper Documentation is on file with DS and I was approved to receive the Accessible Classroom Material Accommodation.*