Disability Services (DS) Guidelines for Accessible Books (E-Text) Accommodations

Documentation was submitted and approved

  • I submitted proper documentation and have a Student Accommodation Plan on file with NTC's Disabiliity Services (DS).
  • I was approved to receive E-Text as an accommodation.

Requests should be submitted 4 weeks in advance

  • I understand it is my responsibility to submit an E-Text Request Form at least 4 weeks prior to class start date.

Book receipt/s required

  • I will purchase a printed version of the textbook/s and show DS staff the original receipt.  I will retain the printed version of the book for the entire course period to abide by the publisher's requirements.
  • I understand that third party receipts will not be accepted as proof of purchase.
  • I will return the E-Text CD as soon as the course is completed, dropped or by the end of the semester, whichever comes first.

I may be trained in making my own books accessible, if the need arises

  • I understand if an accessible format is not available, the use of scanning equipment, text-to-text speech software, and other options will be explored. This may include unbinding my book and being trained on how to make my own materials accessible.

Proof of Understanding

Please answer the following 8 statements correctly to proceed.
Proper Documentation is on file with DS and I was approved to receive E-Text as an accommodation.*