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I am good at keeping goals I set for myself.* 
I never finish projects that I start.* 
I often quit things because they are difficult.* 
I do not enjoy solving problems.* 
People consider me to be self-motivated.* 
I prefer to control my own learning.* 
I prefer working alone rather than in a group.* 
I am the type of student who can easily follow written directions.* 
I often get behind in my course work or tasks I set out for myself.* 
I learn best when I can figure things out on my own.* 
I am often frustrated by technology.* 
I am able to use a computer and internet with ease.* 
Installing software and changing the configurations on my computer is difficult for me.* 
My computer uses a fast, reliable internet connection.* 
I am comfortable using, learning, and communicating on new technology such as an iPad or smartphone. * 
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