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Tutoring Services is Accepting Tutor Requests for  Fall 2014

NTC is committed to supporting your academic success

The Learning Center provides affordable Instructor led academic support to students in general education and degree specific courses who require additional help with:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

Peer Tutoring is another great resource available to you at NTC. Tutoring Services are available to students on all NTC campuses and offers:

  • Drop-In
  • Small Group
  • On-line Tutoring

NTC Client Guidelines
I commit to follow all rules of Tutoring Services and NTC’s Student Code of Conduct.

I understand Tutoring Services will make every effort to meet my tutoring needs; however, it cannot guarantee that a Peer Tutor will be available for every request.

I understand tutoring may take place in a(n) drop-in, online, virtual, and/or small group environment.

I understand Tutoring Services is not responsible for the grade(s) I earn.

I understand Tutoring Services may discuss my tutoring needs with appropriate NTC staff, including, but not limited to my Instructor(s), Advisor, and Tutor(s).

I will attend scheduled classes, do my homework, and keep up with all in class assignments – tutoring cannot help otherwise.

I will inform Tutoring Services immediately if I withdraw or drop the class(es) for which I request a tutor.

I will keep Tutoring Services staff informed of my progress and/or any problems

I will have a written list of problems or areas of concern in which I need help from the Peer Tutor.

I will NOT expect my Peer Tutor or other clients to do my work for me.

I will check my NTC email on a regular basis for updates from Tutoring Services.


I have read and understand all information provided to me in this agreement. I hereby give my consent to use the information provided in a manner consistent with and appropriate to the admission of the NTC Peer Tutoring program.