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For over 100 years, NTC has been a vital educational component for the citizens of north central Wisconsin. NTC dedicated the Medford campus in 1981 and we have been effectively connecting our learners with the business community ever since. Whether you are considering a college education for yourself or your child, a degree that is tied to marketable job skills is vital. Fortunately the NTC Medford campus provides a local option for a college degree that is both cost effective and provides the job skills of the future. To learn more, view our campus flyer.

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Programs available in Medford

The Medford campus offers over 80 program options, and over half of the courses for many other NTC programs can be completed in Medford. In 2013, 94% of NTC Medford’s graduates were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience and education, and 90% of those in the labor market were employed within six months of graduation.

Most popular programs in Medford:

Medford offers courses year-round in a variety of formats, providing learners with the flexibility needed to pursue the job skills of the future in a cost-effective manner.

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