Agri Business Associate Degree


If you are interested in a career in agriculture but for various reasons you are not interested in production agriculture, agri-business may be your field. Studies in agriculture are combined with business courses to provide a foundation for a wide variety of employment opportunities. Classroom and hands-on instruction will prepare you for occupations within the agri-business sector. The agriculture courses are taught at the Agriculture Center of Excellence, which houses a production dairy farm operation. Learners will complete an internship work experience during the program. Jobs in this field are generally physical and require the strength to lift and carry 50 pounds. Additionally, learners interested in this career should have above average computer skills. Learners looking to be successful in this occupation should have the aptitude to work with animals and possess good oral, reading and writing skills. Potential occupations include: Agriculture Product Sales and Marketing, Agriculture Finance, Agriculture Promotion, Agriculture Tourism, Livestock Buyer/Seller/Owner, Agriculture Office Worker, Agriculture Inspector, Agriculture Laboratory Specialist, Breed Association Representative, Agriculture Journalist and Agriculture Administrative Assistant.

Graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate good working skills
  • Apply skills and training in the areas of marketing, dairy management and sales
  • Grasp the core concepts of agriculture and business management
  • Demonstrate understanding of the major functional areas of agri-business
  • Incorporate information from written documents, legal documents, professional literature and reports