Marketing and Promotional Graphics Associate Degree (NEW)


Developing skills in both marketing strategy and graphic design production is an ideal mix for those who want to plan, create and produce promotional materials. The graduate of the Marketing and Promotional Graphics Associate Degree program will develop skills in target market research, strategic planning, customer service, sales, principles of design, conceptualizing brand management, digital graphic design production, designing and producing layouts for print materials, creating functional websites and image manipulation. Potential occupations include: Marketing Communications Specialist, Graphic Design Specialist, Promotions Coordinator, Marketing and Graphic Design Assistant, Associate or Jr. Graphic Designer, Marketing Communications Coordinator or Specialist, Graphic Design Sales Specialist or Consultant, Coordinator of Marketing and Graphic Design, Freelance Graphic Design Sales, Social Media & Graphic Design Coordinator. Program Prerequisites: Basic Mac and PC skills. NTC offers 1-credit courses in "Introduction to the Mac" or "Windows" to be sure you are prepared for success.
Graduates will be able to

  • Develop strategies to anticipate and satisfy market needs
  • Conceptualize, create and produce a variety of marketing materials to promote products, services, images and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome
  • Evaluate information through the market research process to make business decisions
  • Prepare and demonstrate effective business-to-business selling strategies
  • Design and produce layouts for printed material
  • Create functional and aesthetically pleasing web sites
  • Develop and manipulate illustrations, graphics and images for print and web design
  • Utilize print and web collateral as marketing and promotion tools
  • Create output ready documents
  • Master advanced document production skills