Digital Marketing Associate Degree (NEW)


Building knowledge in Internet marketing is essential as the marketing industry shifts from traditional marketing media to the Internet. In this program, the learner uses mobile and wireless devices, social networks and other digital media to identify how to attract and retain customers. The learner explores the traditional marketing fundamentals of product, pricing, promotion and placement, analysis of return on investment, and applies them in the digital realm. Potential occupations include: Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Social Media Manager, SEO Analyst, SEO Manager, Social Networking Specialist, Ecommerce Manager, Ecommerce Coordinator, Ecommerce Specialist, Mobile Marketing Manager, Mobile Marketing Coordinator, Mobile Marketing Specialist, Email Marketing Manager, Email Marketing Specialist and Email Marketing Coordinator. A Digital Marketing Associate Degree is also available through NTC's Virtual College. See page 4 for more information.
Graduates will be able to

  • Develop digital marketing strategies to anticipate and satisfy market needs
  • Integrate digital initiatives such as websites, search, email, social media and mobile campaigns into an overall strategic marketing plan
  • Create a marketing campaign that targets “on the go” messaging through social media and mobile marketing audiences
  • Develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Analyze digital Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Evaluate information through the market research process to make business decisions
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