Sign Language Interpreting in Education Associate Degree


An interpreter acts as a communication link between the Deaf or Hard of Hearing student and the classroom teacher. This program provides students with the skills to work in schools as educational interpreters and support service providers. The student will learn to understand deafness and work as part of a Deaf Education Team. Program graduates meet Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction License 884 standards for Educational Interpreters. Potential occupations include: Educational Interpreter, Interpreter, Interpreter/Tutor.
Graduates will be able to

  • Function as an educational sign language interpreter/transliterator in an educational setting
  • Function as a tutor/support service provider in an educational setting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hearing loss and its implications to education
  • Function as part of an educational team
  • Recognize need for continued professional development
  • Apply RID Code of Professional Conduct to the educational setting
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