Human Services - Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Associate Degree


The Human Services - Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Associate Degree program is designed for individuals interested in working with addiction issues. The AODA profession is held to high ethical standards to inspire respect, trust and confidence. Your conduct must never compromise your ability to fulfill your professional responsibilities. To succeed, your skills and character must include: emotional stability, maturity, self-awareness, self-discipline and personal responsibility; a minimum of one year free of substance use-related problems; an interest in working with people and appreciation of cultural diversity; strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Potential employment includes: Substance abuse counseling, correctional facilities, employee and student assistance programs, and various community and social service agencies. Program graduates are eligible for licensure in Wisconsin as Substance Abuse Counselors-In Training, qualifying for entry-level employment in a rewarding career.
Graduates will be able to

  • Clinically evaluate for substance use disorders and treatment needs
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Facilitate referral to meet needs
  • Demonstrate case management skills
  • Demonstrate counseling skills with individuals, groups and families
  • Provide culturally relevant education related to substance abuse
  • Document and maintain clinical records according to agency, federal and state guidelines
  • Adhere to accepted ethical and behavior conduct
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Criminal Background Check

A current criminal background check must be on file before starting internships.

Note: A record of specified criminal offenses may bar or restrict an individual from:

  • course work involving a clinical/practicum/internship experience
  • licensure and future employment in this occupation

Students declined for a field placement based on criminal background may not be able to finish the Field 1 and Field 2 courses and hence would not be able to graduate. For any questions about your criminal background, contact a program faculty as soon as possible to have the background evaluated.

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Field Experience/Internship Sites

Locally located internship sites cannot be guaranteed. Students may have to move or drive a distance in order to complete internship courses. Scheduled internship attendance days and times for which students must be available vary by agency. Program faculty select, assign, and maintain college contracts with internship sites.


Graduates of the program will have the approved educational credential required by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services for Substance Abuse Counselor.
Online courses may be taken as part of the Human Services AODA Associate Degree.  However, due to Department of Safety and Professional Services regulations (SPS 166.03(4)), no more than 180 hours or 30 hours of any content area may be completed through Internet based course work.
Successful completion of the Human Services AODA Associate degree may be exchanged for 500 hours of supervised experience of the 4,000 hours of work experience required by the Department of Safety and Professional Services for substance abuse counselor licensing.