Small Office / Home Office Technology Certificate


The certificate in Small Office/Home Office Technology is intended to help those with computers at home or in the office who want to acquire or improve their personal computer skills. Individuals that will benefit include: Small Business Owners, Business Operators, Home Office Managers.

  • Develop touch keyboarding skills
  • Manage the Windows desktop, files and folders and customize the system control panel
  • Organize, integrate and manage electronic mail, calendars, tasks, contacts, documents and scheduling
  • Use the three basic components of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Manage and store information for manual and automated record systems
  • Perform basic computer maintenance, hardware upgrading and troubleshooting problems common to computer hardware and software
  • Apply accounting principles in a computerized environment

Information Unavailable

  • A desire to be more efficient and productive in an office/business environment
  • Math with Business Applications (10-804-123)