Socioeconomic Studies Certificate


This certificate is designed to provide learners with opportunities of discovery in respect to the diverse world we live in. The certificate is designed to educate students about the social and economic variations we experience both domestically and internationally. In addition, course selections provide opportunities for students to better understand how to approach social and economic interactions through critical and ethical ways. Students must complete five courses to earn the certificate. Economics and Intro to Sociology are required, and the student may choose three of the remaining six courses available to meet the five course requirement.

  • Determine the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the process of participatory democracy
  • Observe how a market-oriented economic system operates
  • Analyze factors which influence national economic policy
  • Critically evaluate individual, social and/or professional standards of behavior and apply a systematic decision-making process to these situations
  • Investigate the interrelationship of social problems and their roots in fundamental societal institutions
  • Explain the concepts of culture, socialization, social stratification, multiculturalism and the five institutions
  • Employ the basic American values of justice and equality to increase the probability of respectful encounters among people
  • Examine the role of tolerance in promoting peace and security in a diverse world

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  • Basic math skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Desire to work in customer service based employment
  • Interest in a career with extensive public contact
  • Interest in other cultures and countries of the world
  • Enjoys getting involved in community organizations and businesses
  • Desire to understand role in economy
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