Medical Office Specialist Technical Diploma


The Medical Office Specialist serves patient and organizational needs by performing a variety of office support or business functions within a health care organization. The Medical Office Specialist Technical Diploma prepares students for work in a physician’s office, clinic, hospital or for employment wherever knowledge of medical terminology, professional procedures and ethics is required. Duties of a Medical Office Specialist may include scheduling appointments, screening and making telephone calls, obtaining and verifying patient registration information, transcribing medical dictation, preparing and maintaining medical records, preparing correspondence, preparing patient billing and insurance claims, performing financial and bookkeeping procedures, arranging outside appointments and admissions and managing daily office activities.
Graduates will be able to

  • Perform medical office administrative functions
  • Use appropriate technology and technical skills to manage information and solve problems
  • Provide customer service skills in a professional manner
  • Adhere to security/privacy/confidentiality policies
  • Use reference materials to research information
  • Apply medical language and AHDI formatting guidelines in all medical documents
  • Produce quality medical and business documents
  • Model professional behavior, ethics and appearance in the health care environment
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