IT - Web Design Technical Diploma (NEW)


Prepares learners to design, develop and maintain websites, create digital media, promote products and services on the web and support an organization's web design needs. Graduates will be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, content management systems, user experience design and branding/marketing on the web. Potential occupations include: Web Designer, Webmaster, User Experience Specialist, Web Support Specialist and Freelance Web Designer. As an Embedded Technical Diploma, this program ladders fully into the IT – Web Designer Associate Degree.
Graduates will be able to

  • Create web pages and design websites
  • Develop, build and configure dynamic and interactive websites or applications
  • Produce effective, web-optimized graphics
  • Integrate web technologies to support an organization’s needs
  • Create digital media objects
  • Create scripts using a variety of web-oriented scripting tools
  • Create functional and efficient website navigation
  • Incorporate branding/marketing technologies for competitive advantage
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