Nursing Assistant CNA Technical Diploma


Individuals interested in exploring a health career may want to begin as a nursing assistant. The focus of the program is on providing personal care to residents/patients of nursing homes, hospitals and other health agencies. Student nursing assistants learn basic nursing and personal care. Employees in this field are required to do lifting and moving of residents/patients in bed and to and from chairs. The job also requires considerable walking and standing. Potential occupations include: Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide. After successful completion of the Nursing Assistant course, students will be able to take the State of Wisconsin Nurse Aide Certification Exam. Certification is required for employment at any federally funded healthcare agency. The Nursing Assistant course is required for admission to the NTC Nursing Associate Degree program and certification is needed if you desire to seek employment as a Medication Assistant or Student Nurse Intern while completing the Nursing Associate Degree program.
Graduates will be able to

  • Exhibit desirable employee traits in all roles as a nursing assistant
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to emotional, social and mental health during interaction with clients
  • Demonstrate behavior that supports and promotes clients' rights and safety
  • Perform basic nursing and personal care skills
  • Demonstrate skills and behavior that assists clients in attaining and maintaining independence
  • Interact appropriately with clients experiencing selected dementias
More Info

NurseDo you have a desire to help people? 

Would you like to provide personal care to residents/patients of nursing homes, hospitals and other health agencies? 

Are you in good health?

If you answered YES to these questions then being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be a career for you!

Getting Started

  • Admission Guidelines:  Follow the instructions in these guidelines to gain acceptance to the program.
  • Functional Ability Criteria:  Read and review these physical and functional abilities required to graduate from the program and work in the career field.

Required Upon Acceptance
After NTC’s receipt of your application materials you will receive an acceptance letter prompting you to submit the following materials.


Note: If you intend to pursue the Nursing Associate Degree, you will need to complete a Nursing Assistant class.  If you choose to take the certification exam upon course completion, you may work as a CNA and/or Nurse Intern while in the Nursing program.