Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma


The Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma prepares students for careers in the use and maintenance of common electrical/electronic devices and instruments. Graduates will be prepared to work with journeymen electricians and electromechanical technicians to perform the basic installation, maintenance and repair activities on industrial electronic equipment. This equipment includes motors, motor control systems and programmable logic controllers. The program's electronics concentration includes practical experience in troubleshooting with the necessary theory of electronic circuits. Additional maintenance applications include pneumatic and hydraulic power, mechanisms and mechanical devices.
Graduates will be able to

  • Apply safety policies, standards, practices and procedures to the industrial environment
  • Use the terminology in the field of electronics
  • Read and interpret electrical/electronic drawings
  • Analyze electronic circuits
  • Perform tests using common electronic equipment
  • Troubleshoot electrical/electronic systems
  • Demonstrate necessary mathematical skills
  • Demonstrate configuration of computer controlled equipment
  • Demonstrate machine control understanding
  • Demonstrate basic hydraulic and pneumatic knowledge
  • Develop programs to operate and monitor automated equipment
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