Welding Technical Diploma


Graduates will have the basic knowledge and skills needed to meet the needs of the welding industry. Learners demonstrate safe operation of work site equipment and tools. Skill development in the shielded metal arc, gas metal arc/pulse arc, gas tungsten arc and flux cored arc welding processes is emphasized, along with manual and mechanized thermal cutting and gouging. Learners apply welding and print reading skills to fabrication projects and assess weld quality conformance to common codes. Learners are introduced to CNC cutting and forming and robotic welding. Potential occupations include: Production Welder, Maintenance Welder, Job Shop, Layout/Welder, Welding Sales and Service, Combination Welder.
Graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate industry-recognized safety practices
  • Interpret welding drawings
  • Produce shielded metal arc welds
  • Produce gas metal arc welds
  • Produce flux core welds
  • Produce gas tungsten arc welds
  • Perform thermal cutting
  • Program and operate CNC cutting equipment
  • Program and operate CNC forming equipment
  • Program and operate robotic welders
  • Layout and fabricate weldments per print specification
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