FAQ's - Motorcycle Safety

How much does the class cost?
For 12-13, the course fee for Basic Rider Course is $240.33 (after June 1, course fee is $250.20) which includes student workbook and all other materials.

How do I enroll?
Students may enroll in person at any NTC campus location or by phone.

How many hours is the class?
BRC is a total of 16 hours.   Classroom consists of 6 hours and range portion consists of 10 hours.

Do I need my temporary permit before class begins?
A motorcycle temporary permit from the DOT is NOT required to attend the Basic Rider Course.  Effective 10-1-06, individuals completing the Basic Rider Course are not required to hold a motorcycle temporary permit before they receive their class M (motorcycle) license.  In other words, if a student decides to take the motorcycle class and passes, he/she may present the yellow copy of the Motorcycle Skills Waiver Authorization (MV3575) at the Dept. of Transportation, then takes and passes the written test at Dept. of Transportation. 

Students who want to practice riding the motorcycle on the roadways prior to attending the class will need to pass the written knowledge test at the Dept. of Transportation and pay the temporary permit fee.  Individuals under the age of 18 years of age or persons who want to renew their temporary permit for a third time will need verification of enrollment in the Basic Rider Course to present to the Dept. of Transportation to obtain their temporary permit.  The MV3575 Motorcycle Skills Waiver Authorization is the required document and can be obtained after enrollment and payment of the course fee.

Do I bring my own motorcycle?
No, due to liability issues, students are required to use the motorcycles provided by NTC.

What supplies will I need?
The learner is required to wear the appropriate riding gear for all riding (range) sessions.  Long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, sturdy shoes/boots that cover the ankles, full fingered gloves and eye protection are required.  Helmets will be provided by NTC.   You may use your own helmet provided it is a DOT-approved full helmet.  No half helmets will be allowed.

How old does a person need to be to attend the class?
Learners must be 15 ½ years of age and have completed Driver Education Theory.  Learners under the age of 18 must provide parental written permission to participate in the Basic Rider Course.

What are the course requirements for successful completion?

The learner must:

  • Attend ALL class sessions
  • Be on time for class
  • Sign and submit the Liability Waiver Form
  • Participate in learning and class discussions
  • Provide written answers to study questions
  • Pass the 50 question multiple choice knowledge test
  • Pass the riding assessment that measure riding competencies

Will I get my license if I pass the class?
Upon satisfactory completion of the class, the learner will be provided with a MV3575 Motorcycle Skills Waiver Authorization and will not have to take the skills/road test at the Dept. of Transportation.  The waiver form, when presented at any Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation exam station, will entitle the individual to a Class “M” license provided other licensing requirements are met.


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