Wellness Challenge: Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

Grocery stores, farmers’ markets and gardens are abundant with delicious fruits and vegetables. It is recommended the average adult should consume 4.5 cups of vegetables and fruits daily. How does your intake compare? Challenge yourself to improve or maintain your nutrition. Complete the challenge for a chance to win one of twelve $25 NTC Bookstore gift cards. Click here to register now.

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Fall 2014 Kick Off

Kick off the 2014 fall semester with a host of Student Life events including a free giveaway, Manic Monday festivities, and a welcome luau picnic. All events are free with current NTC Student ID (while supplies last) and are available at the Wausau and Regional Campuses. For more information, visit Student Life (D146).


Leadership Opportunity – 2014-15 SGA Executive Board

Do you have strong leadership skills and are you passionate about student advocacy? Leave your mark on NTC by joining the 2014-15 Student Government Association Executive Board. Download the application packet and review position descriptions: www.ntc.edu/studentlifeblog/sga-elections. Stop by Student Life for additional details or attend an upcoming SGA Meeting to see this year's Board in action.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Events at NTC

Catherine Fonti, Angel Fund -- Marshfield Clinic

This fund provides assistance to Marshfield Clinic patients who are without health insurance or financially struggling to pay for breast cancer screening services including screening and diagnostic mammograms, its associated CAD charges, and office visits that may be performed in conjunction with mammograms.  This program ensures that every woman has a chance for screening and early detection.  For information contact: 

Women's Outreach Coordinator:
Rebecca Morris, BSN, LCSW 715-847-3155

Patient Assistant Counselors:
Wausau or Weston Center: 1-800-847-0016, ext. 7-3904



Wisconsin Well Woman Program

Free breast and cervical care to qualifying women.


Aspirus Women’s Health Free Mammogram Program



Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool


Susan G. Komen Foundation


Exhaust Your Experience

“When you have really exhausted an experience you always reverence and love it.”
– Albert Camus

Take a moment to recall a fond memory. What comes to mind? Images of the day, people at the event, a surge of emotion? Are you catapulted back to that moment in time? What makes it so special?

For me, looking back into my memories is a bit like replaying a beloved filmstrip. I feel warm at heart thinking of family, smile a mischievous grin recalling friends, swell with pride at accomplishments achieved, and have appreciation for the times that pushed me outside my comfort zone causing me to grow.

Some of my biggest growth was during my college years. I went into the experience a fairly shy individual and wasn’t exactly confident in myself or my abilities. Through a stroke of luck (losing my purse), I ended up in the school’s Student Life Center and stumbled into a side of college I never knew existed – a side which helped me develop into the person I am today.

By attending campus events I made new friends (many of whom I still connect with over a decade later). Through my involvement in Student Government I forged networking opportunities (one of which opened the door for my employment at NTC). In joining Business Professionals of America and other student clubs, I made even more professional connections (and was able to participate in amazing trips to Disney World, Boston, and Pennsylvania). When my grades afforded me a chance to join Phi Theta Kappa Honor’s Society, I embraced the achievement and then formed relationships with the college president, administration, and state-wide leaders. The icing on the cake: all of this led to my being the commencement speaker as I graduated with my associate degree.

So what’s the point of the opening quote to this post and my sharing all this with you? To encourage you to create a lasting memory of your time at NTC. Whether it’s one class, your first degree, or retraining for a new job, you can fully exhaust your college experience. Maybe it’s getting involved in campus events and activities. Or perhaps it’s forging long-lasting professional relationships with your peers and mentors. Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Whatever it may be, find it, embrace it, exhaust and LOVE your college experience!

Krista Reince
Student Life Activities and Event Specialist

A New Year, A New Start

I always love the start of the new year.  As someone that's worked in higher education for awhile, I always get a bit restless near the end of summer.  There is an amazing energy that getting the students back on campus brings.  Welcome!

I'm Shawn Sullivan, Director of Student Development.  My office is located in Student Life (D146) and I hope you will find some time to come in and see what Student Life has to offer you.  We have worked hard to put a strong calendar of programming together that is geared to helping you be successful in your program and subsequent job search.  Part of that is knowing what you want to do "when you grow up."

It was my experiences in college that led me to my current career.  There were so many people who served as mentors and significant people in my life that fostered my love for what I do.  That process continues today, as many of my colleagues and supervisors I've had continue to help my find my passion in what I do, leading me to make a difference everyday.  Sometimes, I still wonder what I want to do "when I grow up" but I think I'm in a pretty good spot!

I say this because I want to encourage each of you to find those people, whether they're faculty, staff, or professional mentors outside of NTC to help you find and identify your passions and put you on the path of finding your dream job.  Be open to those new experiences and opportunities to grow.  

And, hey...I'm always looking for some proteges!  Stop down to Student Life and say Hi!  Good luck this year!

Fall Picnic & Fun Fair

Kick off the fall semester with food and fun! All campuses will feature free (with current student ID) picnic food and assorted fixings. NTC employees and guests may also participate for $5.00. At the Wausau campus festivities run 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Additionally enjoy live music from Hometown Sweethearts, challenge friends to interactive games and take a moment to mingle with student clubs. Location: Courtyard, weather permitting. Rain Location: Cafeteria, E101-102.