2015 Spring Scholarship News

Applications for Spring 2015 NTC Foundation scholarship awards will be available starting Monday, January 26 through Friday, February 20. These scholarships will be for use during the Fall 2015 semester.

Applications will be distributed to all program department offices, regional campuses, the front desk of Student Services, Student Life, College Prep Center, Academic Resource Center, Financial Aid, HSC Lobby, Student Success and the Alternative High School. Applications will also be available at www.ntc.edu/scholarships.

We encourage you to apply. Many scholarships are intended to assist non-traditional students or students with diverse backgrounds and some do not require a specific grade point average. Over 350 scholarships, ranging from $100-$2000, are awarded through the NTC Foundation each year. 

Please contact Sheila Rossmiller (715.803.1302) or Tanya Elliott (715.803.1641) with questions or concerns.