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Civil Engineering Technology


Provides a project-based learning experience that allows learners to demonstrate their Civil Engineering drafting, design, and survey skills by applying them to a “real-world” engineering problem. Learners collaborate in teams to apply their knowledge, problem-solving and technological skills to a design experience. With guidance from a faculty member, learners will plan, produce, document and present their engineering designs.

Prerequisites: 10-607-110 ADVANCED CIVIL 3D and 10-607-107 SURVEYING 3. Pre/Corequisite: 10-607-113 SMART TECHNOLOGY FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING or 10-607-114 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, ESTIMATING, AND SAFETY, and 10-607-115 STORMWATER MANAGEMENT or 10-607-116 WATER AND SEWER TECHNOLOGY. Condition: Accepted in the Civil Engineering Technology Associate Degree program or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

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