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Introduces the fundamental principles of direct current (DC) and the effects of resistance, capacitance and inductance operating within the DC electrical and magnetic fields. Circuit analysis utilizes project based labs where students experience the practical application of Ohm’s, Watt’s, Kirchhoff’s and Lenz’s laws. Learning experiences in IET 1 will be continued and expanded upon in IET 2.

Pre/Corequisite: 10-620-172 INDUSTRY WORKPLACE SAFETY or 31-413-100 LINE ELECTRICIAN SAFETY 2 or 31-469-100 GAS UTILITY FIELD TRAINING 1 or Dean/Associate Dean approval. Condition: Accepted into Electromechanical Technology AD, Automation Systems Technology AD, Industrial Electronics & Maintenance Technician TD, Electrical Power Distribution TD, Automotive Technician TD, Gas Utility Construction & Service TD, Industrial Automation TD, or Electrical Maintenance Certificate, or with Dean/Associate Dean approval.

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Days & Times Room Instructor Meeting Dates
Friday - ONLINE INSTRUCTION Jonathon Menard -
Friday 7:00AM - 10:50AM I104-Wausau Campus I Bldg-AME Jonathon Menard -


Please note the lecture portion of this class will be conducted online. Content needs to be reviewed prior to the required Friday lab component of this course.



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This class is only open to students enrolled in a program, or those with special approval. To register for this class, please first enroll in a program or request Dean approval.