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Analysis of sequential logic circuits is covered including flip flops and counters. Basic operational amplifier circuits are also covered including comparators, inverting amplifiers, non-inverting amplifiers and summing amplifiers. Laboratory activities are performed to verify the theory.

Prerequisite: 10-804-195 COLLEGE ALGEBRA W/APPS or 10-804-118 INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA W/APPS. Pre/Corequisite: 10-660-116 AC 1: CIRCUIT FUNDAMENTALS,10-605-170 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS 1: LOGIC FUNDAMENTALS and 10-620-172 INDUSTRY WORKPLACE SAFETY. Condition: Enrollment in the Electromechanical Technology Associate Degree, Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma, or Electrical Maintenance Certificate.


Class # Start Date End Date Mode Location
20622 Lecture Wausau
20623 Lecture Wausau
20624 Lecture Antigo
20625 Lecture Phillips

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