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Wood Manufacturing Technology


This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic machinery and processes used in the wood industry to prepare stock for the production of millwork, furniture and cabinetry parts. Students are taught the safe operation and proper maintenance of machinery used in the secondary wood manufacturing plant. Specific machinery covered within this course includes the wide belt sander, planer, optimizing rip saw and chop saw and the re-saw. Machine setup, tooling, adjustment of feed rate and spindle speeds for these machines will also be covered.

Prerequisite: 10-465-100 WOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Pre/Corequisite: 10-465-106 INDUSTRY ORIENTATION AND SAFETY. Condition: Accepted into the Wood Science Associate Degree program, Wood Technology Technical Diploma, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

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62314 - Lecture Antigo
11:30AM - 2:50PM
WT108B-Antigo Wood Technology
8:00AM - 11:20AM
WT108B-Antigo Wood Technology

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