The Surgical Technologist Technical Diploma is a 37–38 credit program. The following is a typical semester breakdown of the courses within the program.

Please note: This program is subject to the Clock-to-Credit Hour Conversion and some courses listed will not be eligible for full financial aid funding based on the program’s credit hours.

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Focuses on the component parts of medical terms: prefixes, suffixes and word roots. Students practice formation, analysis and reconstruction of terms. Emphasis on spelling, definition and pronunciation. Introduction to operative, diagnostic, therapeutic and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology.

NTC Assessments Offered:

COLLEGE 101 (10890165)


Examines proven strategies designed to help learners achieve greater personal, academic, and professional success. Learners will apply personal responsibility thinking and behaviors; self- management, awareness, and motivation strategies; as well as interdependence skills to develop a proactive life plan.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Examines basic concepts of human anatomy and physiology as they relate to health sciences. Using a body systems approach, the course emphasizes the interrelationships between structure and function at the gross and microscopic levels of organization. Intended to prepare health care professionals who need to apply basic concepts of anatomy and physiology to informed decision-making and professional communication in the clinical setting.

Student is highly recommended to have completed two semesters of high school chemistry or one semester of college chemistry with a "C" or better. All third attempts for enrollment require Dean/Assoc. Dean approval.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Introduces structures and functions of normal human anatomy using a body systems approach. Learners will have the opportunity to demonstrate competency of select course objectives with the online simulated laboratory software. Provides a flexible, online introduction to the concepts of General Anatomy and Physiology.



Provides the foundational knowledge of infection control and asepsis. Legal and ethical issues encountered in the healthcare environment are explored. Simulated laboratory practice enables the learner to develop beginning technical skills.

Prerequisite: 10-806-177 GEN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY or 10-806-110 BODY, STRUCTURE & FUNCTION. Pre/Corequisite: 10-501-101 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY.

ST: FUNDAMENTALS 1 (31512328)


Includes the basic clinical skills needed by the Surgical Technologist in the scrub role. Learners develop skills in disinfection, sterilization, identifying basic instrumentation, supplies, drains, catheters, dressings and sponges. Includes practice experience in creating a sterile field, draping, passing instruments and supplies, performing counts and preparing supplies.

Prerequisite: 10-806-177 GEN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY or 10-806-110 BODY, STRUCTURE & FUNCTION. Pre/Corequisite: 10-501-101 MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY.

ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2 (31512329)


Builds upon and reinforces the role of the Surgical Technologist as a member of the operating room team. Discusses care of the patient before, during and after surgery with emphasis on surgical wounds, wound closure materials and vital signs. Includes both lecture and lab experiences.

Pre/Corequisites: 31-512-327 ST: INTRODUCTION and 31-512-328 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 1.

ST: CLINICAL 1 (31512330)


Apply basic surgical theories, principles and procedural techniques in the operating room. Students begin to function as team members under the guidance of the instructor and authorized clinical personnel. Surgical rotation case requirements are documented.

Prerequisites: CPR Certification. Pre/Corequisites: 31-512-327 ST: INTRODUCTION and 31-512-328 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 1.



Provides an introduction to microbiology, cell and cell structure, genetics and cellular classifications, microbial life and growth, infectious disease process, microbial growth, bacterial interactions with the human body, immunology and specific bacterial class characteristics and pathogenicity.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communication and listening skills through individual presentations, group activities and other projects.

NTC Assessments Offered:



Provides the foundational knowledge of surgical core and specialty procedures. Examines the pathophysiology, diagnostic interventions, and surgical interventions for a variety of surgical procedures. Incorporates integration of basic health sciences and technical knowledge to complete a plan of action for a surgical procedure.

Prerequisites: 31-512-327 ST: INTRODUCTION, 31-512-328 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 1 and 31-512-329 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2. Pre/Corequisite: 31-512-330 ST: CLINICAL 1.

ST: CLINICAL 2 (31512332)


Further experience in a clinical setting allows the student to continue to improve technical skills while accepting more responsibilities during surgical procedures. Surgical rotation case requirements are documented.

Prerequisite: 31-512-329 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2 and 31-512-330 ST: CLINICAL 1. Pre/Corequisite: 31-512-331 ST: SURGICAL PROCEDURES.

ST: CLINICAL 3 (31512334)


Enhances student's technical experience and employee skills. Serves as a transition between student and employee. Application of advanced skills for the entry-level surgical technologist in the clinical setting. Surgical rotation case requirements are documented.

Pre/Corequisites: 10-801-196 ORAL/INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION, 31-806-311 APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY or 10-806-197 MICROBIOLOGY, 31-512-329 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2, 31-512-331 ST: SURGICAL PROCEDURES, 31-512-329 ST: FUNDAMENTALS 2 and 31-512-332 ST: CLINICAL 2.

Test-Out Option Term Definitions


An exam that is scored by faculty or staff in NTC’s Testing Center.

Skill Demonstration

A performance of your expertise that is evaluated by faculty.

Combination: Test & Skill Demonstration

A combination of both a test and a skill demonstration.


A collection and explanation of your past learning through work or life experience.

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