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Transition Services

Northcentral Technical College's Transition Program is designed to help high school students with disabilities move from high school into NTC through planning and coordination of services.

  1. Group informational sessions connected with  Campus Visit Days and Focus On Your Future Days.
  2. Individual meetings or group presentations in high schools or at NTC.
  3. One-to-one assistance with program application, testing, enrollment, and educational planning through the NTC Career Coaches.
  4. Referral to support services for enrolled students.
How can high school students prepare for post secondary education?
  • By understanding their disabilities so they can self-advocate
  • By trying out various accommodations while in high school
  • By gathering current documentation of disability
  • By understanding and completing program entrance requirements
  • By visiting NTC for specific program information and tours
  • By meeting with NTC's Transition Specialist

For more information please contact the Student Success Center or talk with an NTC Career Coach


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