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Work Description

Plumbers install pipe for water, gas, sewage, and drainage systems and install bathroom and kitchen fixtures, drinking fountains, and laundry equipment. They cut and thread pipe and assemble and install valves, pipefitting and pipes.

Working Conditions

Work is active and sometimes strenuous.  Work indoors and outdoors, on a ladder or scaffold, in trenches or in unfinished sections of new buildings. May work in uncomfortable positions or stand for long periods.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Physically capable of performing the trade
  • Recommended high school courses:  General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mechanical and Architectural Drawing, General Sciences, Shop courses and English.
  • Pass Accuplacer, Mechanical & Spatial Tests

Terms of Apprenticeship

  • 5-year program
  • 8,000 hours of on-the-job training
  • 440 hours of paid related classroom instruction
  • 260 hours of non-paid related instruction to include First Aid, Welding, OSHA 10+, etc.
  • Must pass State Journeyman Exam to complete the program
For information please contact:
Apprenticeship Office
Northcentral Technical College
1000 W. Campus Drive
Wausau WI 54401


Application Process

Fill out apprenticeship application located in the Apprenticeship Office, Room F112.
Send a copy of high school transcripts or GED to the Apprenticeship Office.
Take the Accuplacer test that is given at NTC –
  • Testing includes reading and arithmetic with a required minimum score of 66, and algebra with a required minimum score of 33.
  • Test is given in the Testing Center, Room C167. Phone number 715.803.1398
  • Total cost of $20.00 includes Reading, Arithmetic & Algebra testing– to be paid at time of test either by check payable to NTC or exact amount in cash.
  • The College Prep Center can assist students who have taken the Accuplacer and need to increase their academic skills to meet the requirements. Contact the College Prep Center at 715.803.1152, located in room A111.
Interview with the JAC committee to receive a Letter of Introduction. The Letter of Introduction can be taken to prospective employers indicating you are a qualified candidate.



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