Reasons to Contact BIT or Security | Northcentral Technical College

Reasons to Contact BIT or Security

There may be times that students may want to contact the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT).  Remember that contacting BIT, while sometimes a student might face disciplinary action, is not necessarily getting the person "into trouble". Rather, the BIT works to keep all students and staff on campus safe and in an environment where all can learn and be successful.  Sometimes sharing this information with those who can help at the campus may change this person's life for the better. 

Reasons to Submit a Referral to BIT:
  • You notice a significant change in someone's behavior (i.e. they used to be happy, come to class on time, etc and now have stopped coming to class, seem depressed or "removed" from class and life.)
  • A fellow student may make comments that you find troubling or disturbing.
  • You observe another student being harassed by another person.
  • You feel that you are being harassed by another person.

Call 911 or Campus Security Immediately (ext. 1111) in the following situations: 
  • Someone says something that makes you question their safety or the safety of others.
  • Someone threatens to harm themselves or others.
  • You witness physical fighting on campus.
  • You believe someone has stolen property of yours or the college.
  • You feel unsafe while on campus.


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