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This 2-day workshop is specifically designed for client facing personnel responsible for selling the array of services your business has to offer. Participants will learn to identify, engage, and grow strategic accounts that turn into profitable and sustainable business relationships for your organization. You will walk away with a renewed inspiration for the work that you do, and practical tools that will help you grow the business. 

Topics Include: 

Everything DiSC Sales Assessment
• Our behavioral & selling style
• EVERYTHING DiSC Sales Report (assessment administered 2-weeks prior to workshop delivery)
• Understanding & appreciating 4 unique buying styles
• Engagement strategies
• EVERYTHING DiSC Sales Interaction Guide Tool

Driving the RIGHT Conversations (The Front-End Needs Analysis)
• Why is this difficult?
• Establishing rapport
• Identifying and prioritizing the business issues
• Backing away from the solution
• Gathering evidence and impact
• Exploring context and constraints
• Defining resources
• Understanding the decision making process
• Discussing next steps
• Using the Mutual Exploration Tool

Business Development Strategy
• Types of revenue
• Defining a “great account”
• Ranking our industry sectors
• Strategic account prioritization 
• Organizational structure analysis
• Engagement strategies
• WHO else? & WHAT else?
• Client Partnership Tool
• Account transferability
• Service Client Matrix Tool
• The “client report out” 

The Client Engagement Process
• From initial contact to the client report out
• Problem solving process map

• “Lag” vs. “lead” metrics
• Metrics critical to success
• Custom Dashboard Tool

“I have attended a lot of sales training in my 20+ years in sales, but none as targeted and spot on to our industry as Greg delivers! I highly recommend Greg Surtman and Contract Training Edge to any contract training organization looking to grow!” 
- Joan Turba, Business Development Manager, NWTC

Rachel Alwin

Rachel Alwin

Learning Coordinator

Rachel provides coordination for the Continuing Education team for conference, workshop, and seminar offerings.