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Instructors, bring a group of your students to enjoy a two-hour hands-on experience at NTC's state-of-the-art Wood Technology Center of Excellence or Welding Lab located at NTC's Antigo Campus.

Wood Technology Experience:

  • Students will explore career opportunities within the forest products industry and will learn why there is a huge demand for college graduates of wood programs.
  • Students will complete a hands-on project that they can keep. While completing the project, each student will have the opportunity work with six major machine centers: Planer, Optimizing Ripsaw, Optimizing Chopsaw, Clamp Carrier, Widebelt Sander and CNC Router.
  • There will be mechanical testing demonstrations showing the strength properties of various wood species.
  • A tour of the center and program information will be shared.
  • NTC will pay for bus transportation.

Welding Technology Experience:

  • Students will have the opportunity to do a hands-on welding activity which will be a V groove weld done on 3/8 plate in the flat welding position.
  • When completed, a destructive weld test (bend test) will be performed on the welded plate and students will see the results firsthand.
  • See demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities with Air Carbon Arc and Submerged Arc welding.
  • Program information will be provided.


Please contact Jenny Erickson at 715.803.1007 or for information about session times and to sign your class up for this exciting event!