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Northcentral Technical College (NTC) is pleased to host the Financial Planning Series, a set of short workshops that cover multiple personal financial planning topics. These workshops will offer valuable information for all community members.

Workshop Topics

College: Getting There from Here - January 15, 2019

Discusses establishing a college savings goal, strategies to help achieve the goal and the features and benefits of 529 savings plans.

Tax Free Investing - January 29, 2019

Overview of tax-advantaged investments such as muni bonds (muni/UIT/mutual funds), IRAs (traditional/Roth/401k/403b) and/or life insurance.

The Entrepreneurial Equation Seminar - February 12, 2019

Gives ideas for putting banking, retirement and insurance tools to work to build and protect attendees' businesses.

Retirement by Design - February 26, 2019

Discusses the need to define retirement goals, determine savings needed to reach those goals (using the rule of 25) and how to use the power of 3 (time/money/return) to reach those goals.

Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts - March 11, 2019

Teaches basic information to help investors evaluate if stocks fit into their overall strategy. Discusses common versus preferred stock, dividends, investment strategy and different ways to own stock.

Health Care and Your Retirement - March 26, 2019

The potential impact of rising health care costs on retirement savings. Includes an introduction of Medicare coverage and costs, long-term care costs, available options for supplemental health care and long-term care insurance.

Focus on Fixed Income - April 9, 2019

Explains the basics of fixed income investments, the seven characteristics of, the advantages of laddering and how fixed income may be part of your investment strategy.

What Happens After the Paychecks Stop? - April 23, 2019

Examine how to budget for retirement expenses, potential sources of retirement income and potential risks such as LTC and health care costs.


$5 each

Continuing Education Office

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