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Wausau Campus
Have you ever given thought to the origins of your Halloween costume? Some costumes are designed for fun, but perpetuate stereotypes or reinforce limited and/or hurtful ways of thinking about people. This workshop will help you examine what your Halloween costume represents. Join us at 12:00 p.m. in room A229. (You can even bring your lunch along!) 

If you're a member of a NTC student club, you may be able to earn $20 Diversity attendance bonus for your club by participating!

Regional Campuses
Join us live through Cisco Webex Meeting.

Virtual College
Join us live through Cisco Webex Meeting.

TC Timberwolf

Student Life

Student Life is the living and learning that takes place outside of the classroom. Allow us to serve as your guide to the Timberwolf experience through campus events, student leadership development, club and advisor resources, and student advocacy.