Todd Kuckkahn and Northcentral Technical College (NTC) are partnering to bring you a unique leadership development opportunity directly related to COVID-19. Leading Through Crisis is a virtual leadership summit through the John C. Maxwell team and will be presented by Todd Kuckkahn. Besides being a member of the NTC workforce training and professional development team, Todd is a certified speaker, coach, teacher and trainer for the John Maxwell Team and is also a Maxwell DISC trainer and consultant.

There have been many crises in our nation’s history, but none in our lifetimes like the one we are weathering now. The bigger challenge is we are all leaders, whether it be through work, our family, civic organizations, faith, church, non-profit or other affiliations and, therefore, must be the role models for others. Thinking through these challenges will help us to better face them and be prepared to embrace them when the crisis subsides, so we can then get back to whatever normal will be.

Once you register, an email confirmation will be emailed to you with a link to view the webinar. If you have questions you'd like to Todd to address in the next webinar, a second link will also be provided.