How many decisions do you make on a given day, week, or month?  The answer is, “countless”. Does common sense and gut feel in decision-making work? The answer is “not always”.  Is there such a thing as “Win-win” with a decision? The answer is “it's rare”. Therefore, it's critical to look deep into the decision-making process and what it takes to be better at decision making. As much as the topic may be a common theme, what we will use to make our key points are the organic, real-life, project management scenarios that you can all relate to.  

This interactive session will help you:

  • Realize how the decision-making process is unique to personality
  • Recognize the core character strengths related to decision making
  • Gather and use information to make a decision
  • Use a “push” and “pull” method to help with decision making
  • Choose the best decision-making model for your situation
  • Create an action plan for incorporating decision-making strategies into your project management practices

We will use some real-life scenarios for you to LEARN the concepts.  Come prepared with one of your own difficult decision situations to analyze. This way you can APPLY the learnings and ACHIEVE improved results.


$19 - 1 CEU

Live Webinar

This live webinar will be run through Zoom. You will receive and invitation with a link prior to the event.