In Project Management, learners apply the skills and tools necessary to design, implement and evaluate formal projects. Each learner will understand the importance and value of managing projects, assume the role of a project manager, develop a project proposal, use relevant project management software, work with project teams, establish the proper sequence of tasks, chart progress, respond to variation and changes, develop a budget, direct resources and manage a project through its life cycle.

In this course you will work on a real project in a team setting. Learners will bring a limited scope work or personal project to work on during the course.  The purpose of the project is to apply a structured project management approach to a real project. Learners complete weekly deliverables that build toward the final project notebook and presentation. Project Manager responsibility is rotated so each team member has an opportunity to be the Project Manager.  

Course Schedule

Class 1 Kickoff - September 9th

Class 2 - September 16th

Class 3 - September 23rd

Class 4 - September 30th

Class 5 - October 7th

Class 6 - October 14th

Class 7 - October 21st

Class 8 Graduation - October 28th

Class Details

Cost: $550 per participant

Class is offered virtually through livestream technology