The December 4-5, 2020 class is currently full.  If you would like to receive information about a potential future date of this training, please go ahead and complete the registration form.  We will contact you if we schedule another section. 
Areas of Focus for the class
  • Strategies and tools for online learning and virtual remote interpreting and for online learning settings
  • Understanding cognitive science and what it says about effective learning
  • Engaging with research about implicit bias and trauma and how that impacts interpreting
  • Strategies for self-care
  • Building ASL skills to talk about human anatomy
  • Building a community of practice to support ongoing professional development
In-Person Session: Virtual class

Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th will be conducted on Zoom for in-person virtual instruction. 

Follow-up Online
  • Continue discussions in Canvas
    • Follow-up Reflections on each section after a few days - allow some time to think
  • Review of resources for further development (Different RSA projects)
  • Overall reflection - how will you integrate what you have learned here in your practice?
  • Creating a professional development plan
  • Respond to at least one comment from facilitator
Class Fee


Earn 1.5 RID CEU and/or 1 College Credit

NTC is an approved RID CMP sponsor for continuing education activities. This Interpreting Science and Health program is offered for 1.5 CEUs at the Professional Studies Content Knowledge Level.

Target audience: K-12 interpreters, student interpreters, community interpreters, and deaf and hard of hearing teachers.

Meet the Instructor: Doug Bowen-Bailey

As an instructional designer for the Graduation to Certification program, Doug seeks innovative ways to support recent graduates on their journey to becoming practicing professionals. He has collaborated on many CATIE projects in the past, creating video and online resources, and is excited to now be on staff with the CATIE Center. In addition to working with the CATIE Center, he interprets in the community when he can, provides mentoring services, serves on the executive board of the Duluth Branch of the NAACP, and is a co-facilitator for Race Awareness Workshops with the Family Freedom Center. He received his MA in Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity in 2019 from St. Catherine University with a project focused on understanding best practices for teaching interpreters about power, privilege and oppression.

Doug lives in Duluth, MN with his partner, Holly.  His best thinking often happens while he is on a bicycle, and so is grateful for any chance to be out on the roads and trails on two wheels.