This conference is for substance abuse counselors, recovery coaches and advocates, health care professionals, social workers and service providers.

Thursday, June 17 2021

Presented virtually via Zoom, but can attend in person

Dr. Michael Miller, MD, DASAM, DLFAPA [Speaker Bio]

Addiction 101: Addiction Isn't About Drugs, It's About Brains

Addiction 102: There Are A Lot of Drugs Involved In Addiction

This session presents an opportunity to learn from a nationally recognized expert in Addiction Medicine. The speaker will breakdown the definition of addiction and discuss information on misconceptions, biases, and stigma regarding addiction. Learn how the brain functions and addiction occurs, how addiction affects overall health, and how the different substances affect the brain.

Friday, June 18 2021

Presented in person at NTC Wausau campus OR online via Zoom

Lorie Goeser, BA, ICS, CSAC [Speaker Bio]

Self Care for Care Providers, Protective Factors, Skills To Use, and Resources for Providers and Consumers

Taking care of oneself is the greatest gift you can give to you. Self care comes in many forms and has multiple definitions. It is a fundamental human need for thriving, resilience, nurturing and growth. This session will discover a continuum of self care; what it is, what resources, methods, skills, and traits are needed to meet your needs on this continuum.  We will discover your specific self care needs and what is available to providers and consumers for access to the wealth of self-care resources. During these unprecedented times the use of effective self care skills is more important than ever, especially in replenishing and maintaining the human spirit, body and soul to  provide care to ourselves and then to others. 


Both Days Registration - $150 (12 CEUs)

Single Day Registration - $100 (6 CEUs)

Cancellation Policy

An attendee must notify NTC of a cancellation prior to the beginning of the event in order to have fees removed or a refund issued. Attendees who do not attend without notifying Continuing Education will be responsible for payment of all course fees and will not be eligible for a refund.