To avoid plagiarism, a writer needs to cite the sources they use.  Doing this in a way that sounds natural separates the novice from the established writer.  In this workshop led by Coach Kristi, learn how to seamlessly include citations into your paper to produce a professional-sounding text!

  • Recognize the difference between awkward citations and seamless citations
  • Understand the difference between parenthetical citation and narrative citation
  • Include a variety of types of citation in paper
  • Familiarize self with at least five narrative signal phrases
  • Incorporate quotations and paraphrases within a sentence containing your own words

The session will last approximately 30 minutes and is free to any NTC student!

To attend via Zoom, use the Register Now button below.

To attend In-Person, please email or call 715.802.1403 to register (Note: there are only 10 seats available for in-person attendance!) Session will take place in the Library.

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