Advance your leadership skills by earning a nine credit technical diploma at Northcentral Technical College. Understand the strengths of your organization, be more efficient, grow talent, and inspire future leaders. This technical diploma can be applied to NTC’s Leadership Associate Degree. Cost includes DiSC and MBTI assessments and all learning supplies.

Wednesday mornings, September 8, 2021 - February 23, 2022

Organizational Behavior and Development

Instructor: Brad Peck

  • Learn to effectively understand organizational behavior
  • Organizational culture and globalization
  • Change and future challenges
  • Organizational structure, planning and decision making

Leading Change and Diversity

Instructor: Tonya McKenna Trabant

  • Gain skills to implement change and manage a diverse work environment
  • Develop management strategies for change and diversity
  • Understand stereotypes and cultural diversity

Leading Strategically

Instructor: Tim McKeough

  • Apply the skills and tools necessary to be a leader in your organization
  • Evaluate effects of biases, attitudes and prejudice
  • Demonstrate, Meet, Carry, Implement, Display

Cost: $2,500/person