With the unique stressors that have developed in recent months people are at increased risk for compassion fatigue, burn out, and increased stress-related difficulties. Learn to identify risk factors and apply reasonable strategies to assist with development of achievable self-care goals during this interactive presentation.  Join us in person or virtually via livestream for a session from Dr. Stacy Stefaniak Luther on recognizing stress and its impact on the body, compassion fatigue and burn out and how to evaluate our own needs to develop strategies for self care and building resilience. 

Learning Objectives  

1: Identify symptoms of stress and compassion fatigue and apply strategies based in science that help reduce risk of burn out and increase motivation and application of self-care skills.  

2: Evaluate own needs and current stressors and learn a variety of strategies for self-care.  

3: Develop a personalized plan to achieve a healthy work-life balance using realistic, achievable goals.  

Hybrid Attendance

Attend in-person at our Wausau campus or livestream the training at your own location. 


$25 per person

Meet the Presenter

StacyStacy M. Stefaniak Luther, Psy.D., LPC, is a post-doctoral resident at the Behavioral Health Clinic of Wausau and Plover and is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. Stacy Stefaniak Luther, PsyD, LPC, received her Psychology Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and her Master’s Degree in Psychology with specializations in Clinical Psychology and Child and Adolescent Development from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.  She works with individuals ages 2 (with parent) and up. Dr. Stacy enjoys working with families and her professional interests include child development, Postpartum Depression and women’s reproductive health, parenting skills, stress management and resilience building, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She uses a client-centered focus with psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, and play therapy strategies. She presents complex information in an understandable and usable fashion that is based on experience in addition to research.  Dr. Stacy has experience presenting information to audiences with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and expertise levels.