This free, specialized training event is for first responders including, but not limited to: Fire Departments, EMS, Police and Sheriff Departments as well as NTC Public Safety Students. A local food truck will be available on-site for lunch.

Training Scenarios:

Agriculture Equipment Technology Safety
Technology in agriculture equipment is changing at a rapid pace. Learn proper safety techniques to protect yourself when dealing with agricultural equipment in emergency situations.

Animal Flight Zones
Farm animals can be coerced into moving in certain directions by emergency personnel to protect the scene and injured parties, provided first responders understand how to properly manage the animals’ flight zone.

Farm Manure Pit Awareness
Understand the risks involved in farm manure pit rescues, including dangerous gasses and the equipment needed to keep first responders safe when assisting in emergency situations in or around a farm manure pit. 

Grain Bin Entrapment Rescue
Harvest season brings increased grain bin storage. Learn proper grain bin rescue techniques when responding to entrapment emergencies and related incidents. 

Response to Incidents Involving Pets
Learn pet CPR, basic first aid and navigating pet body language when accessing emergency situations. Also learn how to calm pets, who are anxious due to the situation, in a safe manner.

In addition to this free training, Planning Emergency Livestock Transport Rescue (PELTR) Training, will be available on-site through UW-Extension. Register for PELTR training through UW-Extension by Sept. 18 at


Register online by September 25, to reserve your spot.