2017 Beekeeper Conference | Northcentral Technical College

2017 Beekeeper Conference

March 18, 2017 Registration: 8:15 a.m. Sessions: 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Northcentral Technical College - Center for Health Sciences Building
Explore the latest in beekeeping with the 3rd Annual Beekeeping Conference hosted by the Central Wisconsin - Marathon County Beekeepers' Association. The conference features everything from beginning beekeeping techniques to the advanced methods to keep your hives healthy.


Solomon Parker (parkerbees.com) - Solomon Parker is committed to educating new beekeepers who choose the treatment-free path.  He is the creator of the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast and the founder of the Treatment-Free Beekeepers' Facebook group.  He has been keeping bees treatment-free since he started in 2003 and he lives in Medford, Oregon with his wife, children, and bees.
  • Creator of 'Treatment Free Beekeeping'  Podcast​​
Mel Disselkoen (www.mdasplitter.com)
  • Author of OTS Queen Rearing  
  • Master Beekeeper (Eastern Apiculture Society)
  • Inventor of MDA Splitter Nuc Boxes
  • A fellow Wisconsin beekeeper with a consistently high success rate of over-wintering nucs.  He arrived at his methods by combining the work of Mel Disselkoen and Mike Palmer.  
Rich Schneider (www.capitalbeesupply.com/)
  • Owner of Capital Bee Supply, a manufacturer/mail order commited to high quality products, sustainable practices, and community education.
  • Lifelong beekeeper (40+ yrs)
  • Master Beekeeper Instructor, OSBA
  • Apiculturist, Miami University (23 yrs).  Research topics include
    • Instrumental Insemination
    • Drone sperm cryogenics/banking
    • Bioinformatics/software simulations
    • Soy bean pollination
    • Winter colony storage and spring stimulation
  • Author of articles in Bee Culture and The American Bee Journal


Early Bird Rate (through March 1) : $49. General Rate (after March 1): $59

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Northcentral Technical College - Center for Health Sciences Building 1000 W Campus Drive Wausau, WI 54401