Beekeeping Conference | Northcentral Technical College

Beekeeping Conference

Saturday March 17, 2018 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Northcentral Technical College - Center for Health Sciences
Whether you are a beekeeper or someone interested in learning about honeybees, anyone can participate in this educational opportunity being offered at Northcentral Technical College.  This great opportunity gives you the chance to learn about different aspects of beekeeping and incorporating the value of honey into your life.
Come learn about new gadgets from our vendors, cooking with honey, nutrition of honey and bee culture.  This is a great chance to network with other beekeepers and enthusiasts!

Learn more about our speakers!

  • Owner of Long Lane Honey Farm  
  • Author of many published articles, podcasts, and online lessons
  • Creator of Winter-Bee-Kind, a wintering feeding system
Joe Bessetti 
  • Scientist and advocate of small cell beekeeping.
  • A fellow Wisconsin beekeeper with a consistently high success rate of over-wintering nucs.  He arrived at his methods by combining the work of Mel Disselkoen and Mike Palmer. 
Rich Schneider (
  • Owner of Capital Bee Supply, a manufacturer/mail order committed to high quality products, sustainable practices, and community education.
  • Lifelong beekeeper (40+ yrs)
  • Master Beekeeper Instructor, OSBA
  • Apiculturist, Miami University (23 yrs).  Research topics include
    • Instrumental Insemination
    • Drone sperm cryogenics/banking
    • Bioinformatics/software simulations
    • Soy bean pollination
    • Winter colony storage and spring stimulation
  • Author of articles in Bee Culture and The American Bee Journal


$49 early bird until Feb 28, $59 standard admission ; Lunch is provided

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Northcentral Technical College - Center for Health Sciences 1000 W Campus Dr, Wausau WI