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Tactical Structural Breaching and High-Threat Extraction

Friday, April 8, 2016 - 8AM - 4:30PM Merrill Public Safety Center of Excellence
Responding to an active shooter, a downed officer rescue, fire ground Mayday, natural disaster, mutli-casualty incident or any active-threat requires the ability to quickly gain access to the area of involvement and the capability to remove victims and rescuers from the threat area, often with minimal equipment. 
This course focuses on bringing together a variety of mechanical breaching tools and techniques from different disciplines and how they can be integrated into tactical team operation, patrol response, firefighting and other high-threat environments. 
It will also cover extrication of team members, victims and other responders when the primary means of egress have been compromised or become untenable using basic rope techniques, but will also cover utilizing organic assets and improvised materials from the environment. 
Topics covered will include: 
  • Principles and concepts 
  • Building construction 
  • Forcible entry and structural breaching 
  • Rescue drags and carries for direct and indirect threat scenarios 
  • Extrication and extraction from elevated areas 
  • Improvised options utilizing on-hand materials 
Intended audience:  Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, TEMS, RTF, SAR 
Students MUST be in a related field of employment to attend this training. 
Required Equipment: None. Students are welcome to bring tools and equipment from their agency or service. 
Dress: Comfortable attire appropriate for activity and weather. Tactical or personal protective equipment if desired. 
Cost includes a webbing rescue sling for use in the class and after completion for the student



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Merrill Public Safety Center of Excellence 1603 Champagne Street, Merrill, WI 54452