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Davis Autism Institute - Stepping Stones

Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18, 2017 NTC Wausau Campus - Business and Industry Building
This is an introductory program developed for younger individuals who are on the autistic spectrum and /or are struggling to meet early childhood development milestones and for those with limited language or low functioning ASD.  Its aim is to provide the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge and skills to actively support the development of early life and social concepts.

Upon completion of the workshop you will:
• Demonstrate an understanding behind the rationale for the program and how it helps those with ASD under the age of 8 or those with very limited language, to
develop the foundational life’s lessons needed to complete essential early childhood development stages.
• Describe and reflect on the process of ‘individuation’ (awareness of self) and the role it plays in the acquisition of early life concepts.
• Gain and practice the Davis Focusing Tools for yourself.
• Demonstrate the techniques needed to guide someone through the use of the Davis Focusing Tools.
• Identify the Basic Stepping Stones concepts and their definitions.
• Describe the technique of Concept Mastery using clay and gain experience on how to guide another/your child through this process.
• Explore the Concept Mastery procedure for The Basic Stepping Stones Concepts of self, another, others, change, consequence, cause/effect, before/after.
• Gain experience of how to facilitate experiences so that these concepts can be understood and transferred across a variety of situations.

Who Should Attend?

Parents, family members and support persons of individuals who demonstrate autistic characteristics and are struggling to meet early childhood development milestones. Therapists, teacher aids, early childhood workers, allied health assistants or Anyone who is interested in the Davis Autism Approach®

Special one time introductory price of $499.  Save $100 over future workshops.  
Price includes Davis Autism Stepping Stones part 1 manual and other materials you will need to work with an ASD individual.  A $25 download of the focus sound will need to be purchased on your own on a device that can be listened to through headphones before the workshop and brought to the workshop. 

About the Instructor:
Anne Mataczynski, the owner and operator of GEM Learning Center, earned her Bachelor's in Elementary Education from UW Madison and her Master's Degree in General Education from UW Stevens Point. She's been a Davis Dyslexia Facilitator since 2005 and a Davis Autism Facilitator since 2012.  In working with clients using the Davis methods, Anne has found incredible success in helping ASD individuals achieve full participation in life.  Please contact Ann at 715-551-7144 if you have any questions.



CEU Information

16 CEU or 1 college credit options available.

Location Information

NTC Wausau Campus - Business and Industry Building 1000 W Campus Drive, Wausau, WI 54401