Early Childhood Conference | Northcentral Technical College

Early Childhood Conference

Saturday February 17, 2018 9:00am - 4:00pm Northcentral Technical College (Main Entrance)

Breaking Down the Behavior: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

ACEs are serious childhood traumas which result in toxic stress that can harm a child's brain. Join us for a day full of learning tools and strategies relevant to adverse childhood experiences, trauma informed care, and how to better provide for children dealing with these experiences. 
Adverse Childhood Experiences can include but are not limited to: emotional, physical or sexual abuse, emotional or physical neglect, exposure to violence, household substance abuse, parental separation or divorce, incarcerated family member, bullying, or homelessness.

Conference Agenda:

8:30 a.m. - Check In & Coffee
9:00 a.m. - Keynote: 'Adverse Childhood Exerperiences Training'
10:45 a.m. - Morning Breakout Sessions
12:00 p.m. Lunch (soup and sandwiches provided)
12:45 p.m. Afternoon Breakout Sessions
2:15 p.m. Closing: 'Child Care and Stress: What Has to Give', Debi Traeder, NTC
3:45 p.m. Door Prizes & Farewell

Morning Breakout Sessions:

  • Session A: “Difficult Conversations with Families” – Erica Huffman, Children’s Hospital of WI
Is it hard to bring up sensitive topics with parents?  How can we talk to parents about concerns regarding child development, behavior, or problems in the home affecting the child? There are many benefits to forming collaborative relationships with parents and encouraging and maintaining open communication.  This workshop will discuss how to effectively communicate with, and support, the big people in our little people's lives. 
  • Session B: Trauma Informed Care – Understanding is the First Step” – Debi Traeder, NTC
What is Trauma Informed Care, and how do we apply this framework to childcare? This workshop will discuss the impact of trauma on children and their families, and how we as providers can recognize, prepare for, and support the needs of those children.
  • Session C: “Beyond ACEs in Early Childhood Education & Care: At the frontline of school readiness, healthy development, resilience and success” – Tony Iniguez, Marshfield Clinic
Our day to day interactions and responses to challenging children affect their healthy brain development, capacity for resilience and all learning. Teaching and modeling self-regulatory skills that lay the foundation for future success is the key to growing healthy and resilient children and communities. Early education teachers & caregivers have the greatest impact on learning, positive mental health, and healthy social emotional development.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

  • Session A: “Putting the Brakes on Bad Behavior” - Aimee Budleski, Compass Counseling
So you now understand ACEs, what’s next? This workshop will discuss ways to better understand, approach and prevent inappropriate behaviors.
  • Session B: “Social Stories Made Simple” – Chelsey Thill, Childcaring
Have you ever struggled to teach a child a social or emotional skill they needed to succeed in your program? Come to this session to learn an easy and effective way to teach any child to manage their behavior one skill at a time- and walk away with your very first social story and a template you can use for years to come!



CEU Information

5.5 hours of CEU credit

Location Information

Northcentral Technical College (Main Entrance) 1000 W Campus Dr